Youth Mission Trip 2017

Carmel Youth on a Mission 

In August 2017 we stayed close to home to aid in the mission of the Broad Street Ministry right here in our city of Philadelphia.  Our small but mighty group of 8, stayed at Broad Street Ministry all week, and traveled each day to work sites throughout the city.  Our focus included homelessness, hunger, and other social justice issues faced by the Philadelphia community.

We served meals at Breaking Bread, the restaurant at Broad Street, sorted food at Philabundance and Manna, worked in the garden at Aspen Farms, and even painted chairs for use at worship and dinner service.  Throughout the week we connect with church groups from Washington D.C., Lancaster, and Maryland.

The week was not all work, we took some time to experience poetry from local artists, worship with wonderful musicians, and saw historic sights like the MOVE house.  Overall, it was an experience of service and community that impacted us deeply. — Pastor Ashley and Taylor Tolton – Adult Leaders of Youth Mission 2017