A Spiritual Journey: The Taize Trip 2014

The Carmel group will be leaving from NYC on June 19th for Paris, Geneva, Taize and Reykjavik as part of their Spiritual Journey 2014.Carmel_YouthTrip

Blessings to the group as they explore some important church historic sites in Europe and experience spiritual formation through Taize meditation.

We hope that you will pray for our group of 10! Here is a list of names to add to your prayer list:

  • Abigail & Thomas Rusert
  • Lisa & Bobby Scholly
  • Alice Jacobs
  • Jacquie Brown
  • Miranda Hartsock
  • Melanie Ritter
  • Patrick Deacon
  • Nick Kalinoski

To see the itinerary go to the link for the Courier Newsletter June 2014, page 3.