Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2016

Go-and-words                  Four senior highs, Emma Lindsay, Madi Manzinger, Mark Manzinger, and Nicole Rice, will be participating in the 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium at Purdue University from July 19-23 as part of the delegation from the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

Presbyterian Youth Triennium is the biggest PC(USA) gathering, with over 5,000 young people from the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world attending. The youth delegates praise and worship God in memorable worship services, interact in small groups and delegation groups, enjoy recreation and participate in a mission project.

For many youth, Triennium is a life giving, life changing, faith moving experience. They go back home, talk about how great it is, and encourage younger children in the congregation to look forward to doing Triennium (entering 9th graders through graduating seniors are eligible).

This year’s Triennium theme is GO. From the first worship service, participants will be exploring what happens AFTER the Triennium. Thoughts about the theme, with important messages for all of us as members of Christ’s church, include:

  • “Going”is not busy work.
  • “Going”is not escape.
  • Goingis not running away.”
  • GOINGhas the most impact when the process of going involves thoughtful and communal self reflection.
  • GOINGis enabled by God’s counsel, authority given to Jesus and shared with Jesus’ disciples.
  • GOINGis risky.
  • GOINGis often a process, but sometimes GOING is quick.
  • Like the shepherds we refuse to let our fear hold us back or stop us from being present with Jesus.
  • The biblical stories of “GOING” we will be exploring demonstrate the process of GOING. In each situation there is a NOmoment or posture, a TURNING POINT (we are calling it a Turning Place) and a GO
  • We are human. This means that our GOINGis not perfect, or always carefully choreographed and sometimes there is failure, sin or a problem.
  • GOis a command. Go is a directive.
  • To go with GODis to embark on a “worthy adventure.”


Triennium is an important part of the faith journey for Carmel’s delegates. Please keep them in prayer as they travel on July 18 and 24 and participate between July 19 and 23. Equally important, ask them to share their experiences with you when they return.