Confirmation Class

Feb2014_ConfirmClass_T-BirdLanes_WillowGroveConfirming the promises made at baptism

We strive to raise each child in the Christian faith so that they can one day declare Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Savior.

Our Confirmation Class runs throughout the regular program year on Sunday mornings.  Youth 7th grade or older who are seeking to be confirmed are invited to participate in our class.   The class covers topics such as: world religions, faith and creeds, why and how Presbyterians worship, doubt, and doctrines in the Reformed tradition (trinity, atonement, etc…).

The annual retreat gives space for students to learn about how and where the Presbyterian Church fits into the scope of other religious and spiritual traditions.  Weather permitting, the retreat often goes on an overnight trip to Washington, DC.   In February, 2014 we visited a Buddhist Temple, a Catholic Church and worshiped with an Eastern Orthodox congregation in the Philadelphia area.  We took time during our Confirmation Retreat to go bowling at Thunderbird Lanes in Willow Grove.  We also watched one of the movies from the Narnia series and talked about the theological symbolism of the Lord’s Supper in the movie.  This group of Carmel youth was confirmed on Pentecost: June 8th, 2014.

The next youth Confirmation Class in preparation for church membership will be offered in the Fall of 2015. Contact the Church Office if you and your child are interested.