A particular church (local church) is governed by the SESSION.  “The session of a particular church consists of the pastor, or co-pastors, associate pastors, and the elders in active service.” (G 10.0100)  The session of Carmel Presbyterian Church is composed of 18 elders of three classes of 6 elders each.  We elect elders every year for a term of three years.  The session is responsible for the mission and government of a particular church.  The current Clerk of Session is Nancy Pinkowicz.  The pastors are the Rev. Dr. James W. Thornton and Judith Brackett.  The elders are:

Class of 2015
Gary Moll
Margie Reith (Chair, Evangelism Committee)
Ken Schuyler (Chair, Finance, Investments and Insurance Committee)
Janet Simon (Chair, Christian Education Committee)
Dick Thomas (Chair, Property Committee)
Connie Tolton (Chair, Congregational Life Committee)

Class of 2016
Steve Brunozzi
Beth Cherry
Joyce Kornfeld (Chair, Stewardship Committee)
Bonnie Miller
Barb Podrost
Dave Rice

Class of 2017
Linda MacFarland
Bruce Miller (Chair, Worship & Sacraments Committee)
Anne Newman
Nancy O’Brien (Chair, Nominating Committee)
Nancy Pinkowicz  (Clerk of Session)
Debbie Spade


At Carmel Presbyterian Church the BOARD OF DEACONS is composed of 15 Deacons serving three year terms with five elected annually.  The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness and service.  The deacons are the caring heart and arms of Carmel Presbyterian Church.  They are ordained, like ministers of the Word and elders, and serve on the various committees of the church.  The Deacons are:

Class of 2015
Patricia Agbote
Jan Heckman
Robert Lohoefer
Sue Lohoefer
Becky Rose

Class of 2016
John Bottinger
Alice Jacobs
Lisa Lent
Lori Raquet
Barb Thornton

Class of 2017
Heidi Lindsay
Daniel Miller
Heide Miller
Cassie Paulk


At Carmel Presbyterian Church the BOARD OF SHEPHERDS is composed of 12 Shepherds serving three year terms.  Shepherds are an integral part of the church leadership as they help make preparations for worship, particularly communion.  They visit and take chancel flowers to the hospitalized and homebound members of the congregation, and they are assigned to a district within the church, to serve that district alongside an elder and a deacon.  The Shepherds are:

Class of 2015
Bertha Campbell
Mary Hausher
Heather DiSandro
Betsy Manzinger

Class of 2016
Susan Crim
Doris Golingan
Linda Parker
Gail Warburton

Class of 2017
Jessica Brunozzi
Louise Robinson
Lisa Scholly
Mary Ellen Thomas