Carmel Nursery School is a child-centered learning facility for ages two through pre-K. Our staff of qualified professionals strives to provide a warm, caring atmosphere. Children learn to function in a group while special attention is paid to individual needs. Our curriculum and objectives are designed to facilitate learning at each child’s individual developmental level. We emphasize values and use multi-cultural stories as part of our teaching program.

Carmel Nursery School is licensed by the PA Department of Education and complies with the guidelines of the PA Department of Private Academic Schools. All of our classes are structured and follow the PA State Department of Education curriculum. We are independent, coeducational and do not discriminate according to sex, race, creed, or national origins.

The Nursery School is a non-profit organization. Tuition is based on a yearly amount and divided into 9 1/2 monthly payments. General Curriculum Daily classroom activities include learning centers, music, art, math and reading readiness activities, literature experiences, and science and history lessons. Periods of active play are alternated with learning experiences, and a snack is served daily to the children. Field trips and special programs are scheduled on a regular basis. A music teacher visits each classroom weekly, and a yoga teacher comes in 2 times a month.

Registration forms and the non-refundable registration fee should be returned to the Nursery School office:
Carmel Nursery School, 100 Edge Hill Road Glenside, PA 19038

Classes meet on weekdays from 9:30 am to Noon. Our program runs from the beginning of September through mid-June.

PreK Class (Monday through Friday AM )

Our PreK program is specifically designed for children who are already five or who will be turning five, who miss the birthday cut off for public school. This class will stress Kindergarten readiness while encouraging the children to fine tune social skills. It will also build self-confidence through creative art, music, and free play activities. This class has an added literature component of author studies each month. Children in this class should be 5 years old by February 1 of the year applying.

Four-Year- Old Class (Monday through Friday AM; or Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM)

This class will foster a positive educational experience and develop personal and educational skills in an atmosphere of fun and learning. The program includes a balanced curriculum of math, science, social studies, gross and fine motor activities and focuses on kindergarten readiness. Children will participate in creative activities as well as free play and socialization. Children in this class must be 4 years old by December 31.

Three-Year-Old Class (Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM; or Tuesday, Thursday AM or Monday through Friday AM)

This program allows plenty of time for many activities by creating a balance between free play and directed activities. The daily routine is structured to help the child develop self -control skills as well as learn to cooperate and share in group situations. We use learning- center based environment that incorporates stories, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, puzzles, manipulatives, creative art projects, music, movement and much more to help our children build their social-emotional skills as well as their academic skills. Readiness activities are presented in accordance with the developmental level of the children. Children in this class must be 3 years old by December 31.

Two-Year-Old Class Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM; or Tuesday, Thursday AM; or Monday through Friday AM)

This group is especially designed to provide a positive first school experience. It is structured to promote the ideas of sharing, consideration of others and functioning outside of the home environment. Every effort is made to make these very little people feel safe and comfortable in the absence of their parents. Children in this class should be 2 years 7 months old by September 1.

Special Events

Carmel Nursery School has a number of favorite special events and programs, which will be scheduled as it is safe to do so. These include an outdoor Halloween parade in costume, a Thanksgiving feast, and a Christmas program for parents. Special Persons Night enables children’s invited special persons to experience the child’s classroom and activities.

Visits by a local fire company and members of the Suburban Dog Training Club, with their dogs, are enjoyed by the children. A big favorite is the arrival of eggs which are kept warm in their incubator and the children watch as they hatch into adorable little chicks. Families of the nursery school and the church congregation look forward to the Art Show and Ice Cream Social, when the children’s creative art work is displayed and everyone enjoys ice cream.